Join us in redefining the future of gaming. Tobii eye-tracking has revolutionized the way people work in industries spanning retail to research, advertising to human computer interaction. Now’s the time we redefine the way people play. We’ve established a $1 Million Cash & Marketing program to support the development your dream game. Boost your game […]

In this post I’d like to highlight four ways you can create a truly immersive game experience using eye tracking: Natural Targeting Response to Eye Contact Immersive Graphics and Sound Infinite Screen Natural Targeting Give your game character the ability to run in one direction and simultaneously aim, shoot or pick something up in another […]

The SteelSeries Sentry eye tracker was launched in January 2015 as a tool for streamers and professional gamers. For streamers, it gives the viewers a richer experience by showing them where the streamer is looking in real time. And professional gamers can use it as a training tool together with the Sentry Game Analyzer software. […]

A month ago, Overwolf, SteelSeries and Tobii announced the Sentry development Challenge 2014. The challenge is currently in progress so it is too late to sign up. However, you can still use the Overwolf SDK if you want to use your Tobii EyeX compatible eye tracker to build game overlay apps with Tobii EyeX functionality. The JavaScript […]