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    Keiichi Takahashi

    I’m developing the app which records programmer’s gaze area of source codes by using EyeX SDK. Most of the researchers usually use high spec eye tracking device like X60/X120, but it is too expensive easily to get one.

    YouTube video: Fixation points acquired by using a Tobii EyeX Controller in reading source codes

    The prototype consists of two programs. One is to get fixation data from EyeX Controller by using the MinimalGazeDataStream included in Tobii EyeX SDK for .NET 0.32 with a few modification. The other is to visualize the fixation points by using Processing. Two programs communicate with each other using TCP/IP socket.

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    Anders [Tobii]

    Hi Keiichi,
    thanks for sharing!

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    Hi Keiichi,

    Currently I am working on my master thesis using tobii eye tracker. In my project I need to visualize the fixation points by using Processing as you had mentioned. Can you please share with me the methodology you had used in your source code.
    Thank you!!

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    Keiichi Takahashi

    Hi Hana’s,

    I don’t use EyeX any more, especially in the research that needs to analyze EyeX’s gaze data because its strict license policy, see http://developer.tobii.com/license-agreement/, and the project files are missing…I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.


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    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @hanaa,

    Hi! The new low level API called Tobii Stream Engine is released:

    This is a low level API so please only use it if you know why you are doing it. Very little support is going to be provided.

    However, perhaps this may be of use to you in manually determining fixations. But please bear in mind that indeed the long term storage of data is not permitted under the licence agreement.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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