The Tobii Eye Tracking Plugin for Unreal Engine 4 provides you with a sub-set of Tobii API functions:

  • Gaze point: The point on the screen where the player’s eyes are looking.
  • Fixations: Points on the screen where the player’s eyes linger to focus on something.
  • Eye positions: The positions of the player’s eyeballs in 3-D space.
  • User presence: If there is a player in front of the screen or not.
  • Automatic detection: Indication of the actor who has the player’s gaze focus.

All of the Tobii plug-in features are readily available through both Blueprint (UE4’s visual scripting editor) and from C++.

To get started, get the Tobii Eye Tracking Plugin from GitHub. Contributions are welcome 🙂

Below is a video to demonstrate what can be achieved with this plugin.