Today we have released EyeX SDK 1.7. The release is a bug fix release for the EyeX SDK for Unity and have no changes for the other SDK versions. Fixed bugs in EyeX SDK for Unity: Eye-gaze point coordinates now work correctly when a game is run in a non-native resolution (with black bars to […]

A month ago, Overwolf, SteelSeries and Tobii announced the Sentry development Challenge 2014. The challenge is currently in progress so it is too late to sign up. However, you can still use the Overwolf SDK if you want to use your Tobii EyeX compatible eye tracker to build game overlay apps with Tobii EyeX functionality. The JavaScript […]

We have now published a new version of Son of Nor from stillalive studios, updated for EyeX 0.10. After starting the game, be sure that the “Enable Eye-Tracking” option is checked. The full version (soon publicly available on Steam) will be an action adventure game with lots of interesting challenges, puzzles and enemies. In the […]