Eye tracking is the process of watching where a person is looking. We do this all the time – it’s a natural part of human behavior. With the advent of small, highly accurate and low-cost systems, eye tracking is now being rapidly adopted in devices and applications to enhance computer interaction.

An eye tracker is a device that incorporates illumination, sensors and processing to track eye movements and gaze point. The use of near-infrared light allows for accurate, continuous tracking regardless of surrounding light conditions.



Eye-tracking technology enables us to use our gaze to interact with computers and machines. Eye gaze provides a very efficient method of pointing, and in combination with other input one can create highly efficient and amazingly natural interactions.

This is exactly what the Tobii EyeX does. It combines eye tracking with input from traditional controls. The core interactions – click, scroll and zoom – tap into deeply rooted behavior, making the experience easy and natural. Use your eyes to navigate and select. Then execute with a key, touchpad or voice command.

Read more about Tobii EyeX here.

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