Eye Tracking comes to theHunter!

Tobii and Avalanche Studios have brought Eye Tracking and the Infinite Screen immersion to theHunter, just as we did with theHunter:Primal a few weeks back.

Infinite Screen (one of the 4 major immersions of eye tracking gaming) allows characters are able to simultaneously travel in one direction while looking in another – just as you would in real life.

This gives gamers the ability to have their character interact more naturally in their environment and gives gamedevs the opportunity to make more immersive games. With eye tracking, gamers are able to do more in game without restricting or removing any of their traditional inputs (like keyboard and mouse) – it simply gives them the ability to interact more naturally, as if they’re “the Hunter” themselves.

We let you add another controller that just happens to be your most natural interaction possible – your gaze.

We call this experience “Infinite Screen” because gamers are no longer restricted to the size of their monitor to explore the territory freely.

As a gamer, not only do you feel more immersed in your environment, you now have the ability to become more aware of your surroundings as you explore the unknown. In a world that spans 72.2 square kilometers, 22 animal species and over 300 weapons, the ability to multitask could be the ultimate difference between bagging that epic buck, or completely missing your target!

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