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    Did you ever receive a answer for this? I was having a similar issue trying to use GUI buttons but decided to go another route. Are you using 3d objects with colliders or meshes? The gaze aware component needs one or the other. I had been suggested to override the default class for GUI buttons but I have yet to try it so I’m not sure of is efficacy.


    Well I was fortunately able to use quads as buttons on screen, which worked remarkably well as I can adjust the height of the buttons to the game object it’s controlling to custom size the play area. I know GUI buttons would work, but I found a much faster and easy way of making the buttons so that I can easily implement images and textures on the buttons in the editor rather than in code. This saved me a lot of time. Although again I appreciate your input very much, and I will have to consider this as I continue developing.


    Well I started a new project from scratch and I am not having any issues with the Gaze Aware Component. Actually it’s working remarkably well. I might just have an issue with my files importing from another computer. I had to upload them from another computer and open them on this one (the EyeX would not have worked on that computer). I really appreciate you getting to this question and answering it so thoroughly! I will have to give this some consideration when developing in the future, as that seems like it could be an extremely useful way to make GUI Buttons do what I actually want them to do lol.


    You actually can not see the camera component in this scene, but I can assure you it is there.


    Okay, that clears it up for me thank you. I appreciate the feed back.


    I am having the same issue. Although I KNOW for a fact that there is a camera in the scene. I did the sample project that was suggested here on the site, to get a cube spinning, and it worked fine. As a matter of fact, I was able to get many objects spinning by gaze aware. I was even able to get the objects moving, etc. using gaze aware (great function btw).

    The issue I’m having in my game is that since my camera is rotated downward 90 degrees from origin, it seems like the gaze aware is trying to look in the ‘X’ direction but is unable to do so because the camera is facing downward in the ‘Y’ direction. Is there anyway to override this? The code for the EyeX Gaze Aware is a bit beyond me so any direction would be appreciated. I am assuming the ‘X’ Face of the cube is trying to acquire gaze aware and is not capable due to the angle of the camera.

    BTW as a scientific check, I rotated the camera in the sample project and got literally the same issues in my console there as I did in my own project.


    Hello! We just downloaded this and cannot seem to get it to work properly. We have the eye gaze software open and the eye gaze controller is connected. We have downloaded and played a few other games that worked, but for some reason this one is only working with the mouse. It keeps saying to enable the eye gaze software and make sure the controller is connected (in the upper right corner) and it also says mouse input enabled. How do we fix this so that we can play it in eye gaze only mode? Thank you.

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    I would suggest contacting them directly via email. It doesn’t seem that these forums are monitored all that frequently.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)