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Mattias [Tobii]

Hi Samuel,

I’m sorry to hear about your problems. You seem to have made an effort far far above what should be necessary (which in most cases should be nothing, but in your case seems to be pretty far from nothing).

Now it is weekend and most of Tobii devs and support are off work. We will however follow this up next week, but I would also (If you haven’t already) suggest you to contact Tobii Support directly for a good follow up of your problem.

In the meantime, it could, if you have the opportuity, be worthwhile to try out your Tobii device on another USB 3.0 computer altogether (or with another USB card). The USB 3.0 card that you are using is a card that I am not aware of that we have tried in-house during our testing, but we will get hold of one to do that.

On our support site we have a list of recommended USB 3.0 cards (that we will expand as time goes by). That does not mean that all cards not on the list does not work, but we have occationally seen problems that relate more to the USB 3.0 card controller hardware than the driver.