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samuel adams

just wanted to let everyone know. I purchased this the same day I couldn’t get my other usb card working and it is now functioning quite well. I am most impressed with it’s ability to still track you while you move your head from front to leaning back, side to side, getting up and coming back a day later and sitting down and it’s still accurately tracking your eyes. very well done guys I’m most impressed! Here is the card.

Functioning usb 3.0 card with tobii eyex (windows 7 64 bit corei7 computer)
the drivers that came with this usb card worked, no download needed.

I do however have a very serious issue, I would personally send whoever could implement this a $50 dollar check right now. Here is the problem…

You guys have no toggle to see your mouse movement in live time. Having to move the mouse or hit a button COMPLETELY ruins the whole system I’ve spent over 2 years designing to be hands free.
I tried for literally 8 hours using different scripts (ahk) which rebinds keys so I could at least have one of my large 1 foot across buttons i use (kick) for people with disabilities to trigger the mouse to move (set for right shift) I tried rebinding several different joysticks to be the key to move the mouse (set to right shift in tobii.. nothing other than the keyboard would trigger it, even though it was most definitely set to the same key). Scripts won’t work, rebinding controllers of several different types won’t trigger the key you can set to move the mouse either. It has to be with the keyboard….even a simple looping program I made to just hit right shift every 5 seconds wouldn’t work. Has to be the keyboard….

Check out how extreme I went….I rigged up a spinning magnet inside a cardboard box that would shake the box, put my mouse on top of it so it would wiggle the mouse to auto update mouse positioning but the noise of it vibrating was so loud it ruined my voice program’s hands free ability.

the way it is now is 2 steps when It could be completely hands free or 1 step. If you had the option to toggle it on and off AND update every X seconds, this way, as you see it update (live would be a good option but likely too fast to use in most cases..but not all) If it updated every 1 or 2 seconds you could see when it’s in the spot you want to click and hit a left click button (there are many left click options that are not on a mouse, kicking, puffer switch’s, peregrine gloves, joysticks, thumb mouses, thumb buttons)

live option and toggle mouse refresh every x seconds option along with being able to use the assignable tobii eyex mouserefresh key with scripts and other joysticks / controllers would be a GOD SEND, as it is now only the key on a keyboard can trigger that assignable key.