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Grant [Tobii]

Hi @wrapcaesar, okay thanks for the clarification and certainly you can in theory modify the gaze data by a pre-specified margin by assigning a new variable from the reported gaze locations and modifying that accordingly. There is no means to adjust the reported gaze data directly, but I don’t think this should pose an issue for you?

Recalibrating each time a user moves the head to different position is unlikely to yield any useful results as the calibration is always optimised to work within the established tracking box at all extremities of head rotation and distance from tracker.

Overall, the idea to modify reported gaze location according to head rotation is not something that we would officially recommend as this is already internally calculated but of course you are free to experiment and see if this yield fruit for your project.

Were you experiencing poor tracking results and as a result decided to take this approach? Do you intend to run the application with multiple different users?
Indeed, there are a number of things you can try to improve tracking accuracy such as avoiding strong sources of IR light near the eye tracker such as open windows, spot lights, etc… also, you can try to ‘improve calibration’ via the Tobii System Icon tool.