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Sacha Zyto

Good morning everyone, any update on this important feature ? I bought a Tobii 4C, and I notice the exact same problem: (1) even after multiple calibrations, the cursor often points to a location that’s slight up and to the right to the location I’m really looking at, and (2) it’s hard to reach the corners of the screen.

I’ve tried to mitigate (2) by selecting the option to track only the left eye (my right eye has large astigmatism), and it does improve things, but the issue with (1) still remains.

I wonder if instead of calibrating with just 1+3+3 points, we could have a fine calibration mode where we ask the user to look at many more regions, so we don’t have to interpolate over large distance to find the eye coordinates, and hence we can approximate the gaze->coordinates function more accurately.