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Hi @majesticwolf, Hi, I’m a high level quadriplegic and I’ve just purchased a Tobii eye tracker 4c to try and help me in gaming. I’ve just installed Project IRIS and I was wondering if you could please tell me if there’s any documentation I can read to help configure it.

I’m trying to use the FPS mode and every time I make an interactor the size of the screen it stays in the foreground and I cannot access anything behind it. Plus every time I have the Tobii eye tracker 4c turned on and I start Project IRIS the mouse cursor goes crazy.

If you could please help me out that would be greatly appreciated because this is the only reason I have purchased the Tobii eye tracker 4c and I really want to start playing FPS and shooter games.

I have tried the Project IRIS site and forums but I think they have given up on the software.

Thank you for your help.