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I use Visual Studio 2017 with all .NET up to version 4.6 and Unity 2018.3.12f1.
I can run Stream Engine API in normal projects without any problems. I just followed the instruction: right-click on the project’s reference folder -> choose Manage NuGet Package -> install. Also, there’s only 1 project in my solution.
But, when I tried to do the same in Unity project… For some reasons, there’re 2 projects in my solution (Assembly-CSharp and Assembly-Csharp-Editor) and each of them has its own reference folder, but when you right-click those reference folders there’s no option to Manage NuGet anymore (You can only add Analyzer…). You have to right-click at the solution to find Manage NuGet option. So, I clicked on that and followed the steps. There’s an option to install Stream Engine on both or single project within the solution. I tried everything but nothing seems to work. Also, there’s no Property in each project so I have no idea how to check the version of .net it’s running.