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Robin Hunter

I’ve actually gone back to exploring how to possibly combine gaze-aware WPF within gaze-aware WinForm.

If i can get both working, we can methodically replace the form controls over time with WPF ones. The app is quite large and a complete view layer re-write is something of a task.

I can embed a WPF control (which references the Tobii eyex in the xaml header) into a Gaze-Aware WinForms project, however it is not picking up any of the events. I’ve tried instantiating a new WpfEyeXHost in my Program.cs along with my FormsEyeXhost but no luck.

Usually in a WPF project i’d instantiate a new WpfEyeXHost from app.cs as usual, however (as far as i’m aware) its only possible to add a WPF UserControl in an elementhost.

Any clues on how i could instantiate both EyeX hosts simultaneously from WinForms to see what happens?
or is WpfEyeXHost only going to run if it’s in a WPF App class?

Thanks kindly!