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AGP Studios

Hey folks, I’m having this problem too.

I do not have Corsair Utility Engine or any other Corsair products on my computer.

I noticed that the lights stopped working and then my head tracking stops.

I’ve come up with the following work around as a batch file (run as admin):

@echo Off
net stop “tobii service”
taskkill /IM “Tobii Game Hub” /F
net start “tobii service”

I was getting tired of rebooting mid game. This fix works while the game is running and does not require rebooting (at least in Elite Dangerous).

For the devs: I believe the issue is actually in the Game Hub, but restarting the service is still needed before running the Hub software. I hope this helps you find a fix. Also, I’m noticing this happens more when I’m wearing headphones and it has a more difficult time tracking my head movement when I’m wearing them.