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Hello @Grant, good to hear that.

Sure firstly I was pissed, like most peoples.
Mostly because I got that monitor with the eye-tracker as a present.

Still working, with replugged cables (so changed a bit of the cable mess) and it’s still working… I have still had no clue, how or why the drivers did act up so weird.

Thanks for the response.
Best wishes to you and the other guys at Tobii too. Keep up one of the greatest technologies (as a gamer, am such a fan)

Used it today with Tobii Ghost (for Streaming Overlay) and it was working fine too.
So thanks to you too Grant, due to the previously tried methods from the other threads, I learned at least some of the debug steps.. that I could exclude from their faultiness 😛

(I hope it’s fine to post also the stream video link, just as proof for others):
(Twitch Stream from Escape from Tarkov, using the Z271T with Eyetracker.. sadly the tracker bar itself a bit too low when I’m sticking too close to the monitor xD)
Also just noticed, maybe my fault but due to some custom game resolution (running the game in like 2k, while the desktop is at 1080p)
Maybe the Ghost Overlay is still at 1080p? (or it was just my Streamlabs obs wrongly resized it down for 720p stream).. Just putting this here too (sorry 😀 )