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A lead on a solution: first, though I think everyone that’s posted so far already knows this, it seems the documentation is currently wrong: import from tobiiresearch, rather than tobii-research. (Note that I did the manual download rather than the pip install, because pip couldn’t find the package.)

Second, this seems a little hacky, but you can try the following:

import tobiiresearch.implementation.EyeTracker as ET
found_eyetrackers = ET.find_all_eyetrackers()
my_eyetracker = found_eyetrackers[0]

This half works, for me – the resulting my_eyetracker has the correct address, model, reasonable dimensions, etc.

HOWEVER, so far it doesn’t seem to be getting eye data – I subscribe with my callbacks, yet my callbacks are not called. I will try to update this post if I discover anything further of use.