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I closed it out and left everything open and waited for the screen saver to show up but it never did. So same result as before.
Don’t know if you guys need this, but here’s the About section of the Tobii software https://i.imgur.com/kFnuxo9.png

Says eye tracking disabled at the bottom because I keep the tracker turned off when I’m not using it.

One thing I didn’t mention before was that I previously had an EyeX tracker. The older one that required USB 3.0 and without the head tracking. I don’t think I had this issue with that. I stopped using the EyeX for awhile and uninstalled the software back in July this year. Then I recently got the 4C in October and reinstalled the software. My old profile was still there so I just recalibrated it. Do you think it’s the EyeX taking it’s revenge on me for upgrading?

Is there a way for me to completely remove everything Tobii and start over?