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Kristian Vlajic

Hey @ghostychan/

thank you for your post!
I most likely have the same issue as you and gave up like a year ago after finding out that something is off with the drivers, but i couldn’t find a solution to it.
I’m really hoping to fix my issue with your description, but i can’t find some things you described.
What is the “EyeTracker Core Light”? I can’t find a folder named like that in C:\Program Files (x86)\Tobii so i guess it’s some other application that i may not have installed yet? Or i just didn’t understand what you where describing in that paragraph (I’m not a native speaker).
And how did you reinstall the drivers in C:\Program Files (x86)\Tobii\HID and C:\Program Files (x86)\Tobii\IS3 Driver, i couldn’t find any .exe in here except dpinst.exe, but this didn’t do anything.
I would be so thankful if you could help me with this!

Kristian Vlajic