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Hi. I recently upgraded my PC. I changed the motherboard and CPU from the Asus Rampage 3 Formula + Xeon X5675 to the MSI X299 Raider + i7 7820X.
Here’s where it gets interesting…

Previously the PC would not sleep or turn the screen off with the Tobii service running. It seemed evident that was the culprit on my old setup.
However now I can keep the service running and the PC would sleep normally. The culprit this time are the CH Pro Pedals I had plugged in.

I searched Google for this and found a Reddit thread mentioning this problem with these pedals specifically and 2 other threads on different forums about game controllers in general preventing Windows 10 from entering sleep mode

Looking at the input of the pedals from the W10 game controllers menu and I can see it is constantly inputting phantom movements in the X axis, possibly preventing the computer from sleeping. Solution it seems is to keep it unplugged or get a powered USB HUB with power switches.

It’s very odd. On my old board the problem was Tobii. On my new board the problem are the CH pedals. I don’t understand computers.
Either way my problem is solved as far as Tobii is concerned. Thank you Grant for all the follow ups you’ve done. Nathan I have no idea what could possible be the issue in this and hope the Tobii devs can figure it out