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Kenny Holmes

I am just wondering if there has been any movement on this?

Even if additional trackers were required then I think most people would be up for this.

I get sore wrists with how much I use PCs and the eye tracker takes the bulk of that movement away, solving the problem. The eye tracker is not cheap, but thats no problem compared to the discomfort without it. I have dual screens at work and at home. I would be getting trackers for all of them if multi monitor support was an option.

If its still not high enough up the priority list is it worth a kickstarter?

I can also report that a single eye tracker will almost track the range of both my screens. I have 2 x 27″ screens running at 4k. If I setup Nvidia Surround then the eye tracker works across both screens. This isn’t really practical for me because it means there is a bevel in the middle of any window that comes up. The eye tracker is obviously capable of tracking this region. Its a software limitation that it cannot be calibrated to do it when setup as separate display areas.