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Grant [Tobii]

Hi @ottomejia24 and thanks for your query. The Tobii 4C Eye Tracker and associated usage licence are intended for interaction and gaming purposes only.

Whilst it is possible to use the 4C for research or analysis, in order to do so, one must purchase a special analytical use licence from Tobii which would entitle you to use the Correct SDK for this purpose. You can read more about this @ https://analyticaluse.tobii.com/

In terms of using the tracking on a non-screen stimulus, indeed this is possible with the Tobii Pro range of eye trackers such as the Tobii Glasses (https://www.tobiipro.com/product-listing/tobii-pro-glasses-2/) but I am afraid such a setup is not supported with the 4C.

Please do let us know if we can provide any further information.