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Emiel Brink

Hi Denny,

Sorry for the late reply, I solved this issue a little while ago and forgot about this thread. I’ll make a post here to document my findings.

After digging through a lot of old forum posts I eventually discovered one which had similar problems to mine. As it turns out, the error in question was caused by using .NET core. Once i switched to a .NET framework Console app things started working smoothly. This wasn’t very well documented in the online tutorials (in fact I am pretty sure there was no mention that the choice of framework was important), and with .NET Core becoming increasingly popular, I’d think it be a good idea to include a note about this in your tutorials. 😉

Aside from that I also ran into another issue with my main thread exiting before my GazePointDataStream could log any data, but this was easily fixed by adding a Console.readChar() statement. Once again I think it would be helpful to include this in the ConsoleApp example. 🙂

Other than those 2 points things have been working very smoothly, and I’m happy to report I didn’t run into any other problems after this.