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Carlo Prelz

Thanks for your reply, Grant. Disappointing indeed. I have read HTC’s EULA for the sdk, and it is not signable (forbids any attempt to use the SDK in different ways than intended), so I did not download the SDK. HTC/Valve are trying to lock people inside their ecosystem (which is mostly gaming-oriented). This is absolutly unsuitable for my work.

Do I understand correctly that your own library code converses with an HTC-developed interface that takes care to pass the conversation via USB to the hardware you license?

In this case, is this layer totally opaque to you (meaning that you are forbidden to explore alternative ways to speak with your hardware), or do you not try to write code for a more transparent and multi-architecture communications channel because of lack of time or interest? In the second case, I might try to see if the Uni could donate some of my time. At the end, it would be sufficient to code the right amount of encapsulations…

I have a further question: I see the previous model can still be found somewhere. For example:


Do data have to travel through HTC-provided libraries in that case too? Or could I have a linux-based solution for eyetracking out of the box with that device?

Thanks in advance