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I don’t understand why my post lost so I write it again
First of all, I am using an alienware m15 r2, so the eyechip is built in
I am pretty sure about the software. The bios is up to date. I download the driver and the tobii experience from dell tech support website. I am pretty sure is the mort recent version. So have tried to uninstall the driver and the tobii experience and uninstall it. Does not work. I also tried to use the dell os recovery to reset the whole system, does not work too. I also go to the device manager to uninstall and re-install the device, does not work. I also disable and re-enable it, does not work too.

It’s very very strange condition. Sometime if I reboot the laptop, everything back to normal. Yet with a round 30 mins usage, the eye chip begin to lost connection, In the device manager, either showing up error sign in the eye chip saying that the system can not start the device or simply detect a unknow usb device with error code 43.

I am pretty sure I am not alone. I found similar case in another dude also using m15 r2. And I found the same issue in a post two years ago regarding the ROG monitor. Tons of people have the similar issue.

One strange thing I found out is that the driver of eye chip in device manage has a strange data — 4/21/2006. People with similar case have the same driver date. Not sure if it is common for normal condition.

I don’t expect any support from dell unless a hard-core developer in Tobii decide to look down to it. This bug sitting out there since 2016 as I could found online. All we could expect from the tech support is telling you to reinstall driver software etc. And people like us have tried every single method we could find but just doesn’t work…..

I wish maybe I could raise a little bit attention here.

If it is not a hardware issue, than I believe that this bug may sit there for many year. It maybe a very deep bug in the driver.

I am not sure if’s the hardware issue, given the fact that every time I boost up the laptop, I have around 60% to get the eye chip work again, but just a very short time.

Please report this to the developer team.