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Daniel Fischer

Hey Grant,

thanks for helping me. Its totally strange. I tried everything the last days and i couldnt confirm, that the issue is related to an USB device. I unplugged all stuff and it didnt help.

Today i´ve got a new Windows 10 Update and installed that. I re-booted and the issue was still there.

But i disconnected all kinds of USB devices again to test and this time i could verify, that the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Throttle was obviously the reason.

I could leave pedals and the joystick connected, but the Throttle seems to prevent the PC from going to activate it´s screensaver.

I checked the RAW Input Values coming from that device but i couldnt nail it down to a specific button or anything.

I contacted the Thrustmaster Support. Hopefully they can create a new Firmware or Driver to prevent this. My solution for now is to disable the Throttle via the power buttons on my active powered USB Hub.