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Jenny [Tobii]

Hi Janne,

We have seen that the error message is sometimes incorrectly displayed even though the installation was successful. One reason nothing seem to be working can actually be that there is no application using the eye tracker, then it is completely dark.

Please, follow these steps and let me know at what, if any, step it fails to work correctly:
0) Restart the computer
1) Right click the EyeX icon in the notifications area
2) Make sure that “Disable Eye Tracking” is unchecked
3) Select “Settings…” to open the EyeX Settings Dialog
4) Are the lights on the EyeX Controller on now?
5) Is there an Eye Detection Indicator at the bottom of the screen showing two white dots corresponding to your eyes’ position?
6) Check that there is no error message in the Settings Panel saying that it could not connect to the eye tracker.
7) Check that there is a correct display configuration setup by pressing the Set Up button and following the setup steps.
8) Check that there is a selected user profile. (A new profile can be created clicking the “+” button.)
9) Click the “Check calibration” button to verify that eye-gaze data is streamed from the eye tracker through the EyeX Engine.