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Glad to hear from you, Robert.

I got to say I’m amazingly impressed with what I have experienced with the kit so far. I can see the boundless potential for this technology.

One of the reasons I decided to get the EyeEx is to explore the potential of the technology in developing banking and financial industry applications. At this point in time, I am aiming to use the EyeEx to control the mouse pointer within Windows.

Since I developed a shoulder injury a year ago I ago, I am eager to give my shoulder some rest. Therefore, my main question is: would I be able to control the mouse pointer to navigate Windows files, folders and applications using the provided software or will I have to use a third-party application (perhaps develop it myself).

Please note that I was able to do the calibration and tutorial but have not been able to control the mouse pointer in Windows using the EyeEx.

I highly appreciate your support and feedback.