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Jenny [Tobii]

@Max: We have streamlined and renamed a couple of services and folders in the EyeX Engine 0.10.0 installation as compared to the EyeX Engine 0.8.17 installation. Becuase of this, problems can arise if you installed 0.10.0 without first uninstalling 0.8.17.

My suggestion is that you do a clean 0.10.0 installation by:
1. First removing all things Tobii using the Control Panel “Uninstall a program” utility. Make sure that the Tobii installation folder is removed or empty after uninstalling (typically found here: C:\Program files (x86)\Tobii).
2. Run the EyeX Engine 0.10.0 installation exe

Then, check that the EyeX Engine and EyeX Controller works and you got the correct versions:
3. Open the EyeX Settings panel
4. Does the EyeX Controller light up? Check the screen setup and click check calibration to see if the device is functioning properly.
5. Click ‘About’ and check the version numbers:
Firmware version: 1.0.3-30188
Tobii EyeX Controller Driver version: 1.0.0
Tobii Service/EyeX version:

To be able to develop against the EyeX Engine 0.10.0 API you need the EyeX SDK version 0.31. There were breaking API changes between EyeX Engine 0.8.17 and 0.10.0, so that will explain that the wrong combination of engine and SDK will result in “Trying to connect…”

I hope this will resolve the problems you’ve had.