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My tobii eyeX controller was working fine till yesterday. But today when plugged in the tracker at frist it was not detected. Then the firmware got updated from Tobii.Eye.Experience_0.8.17.1196-alpha to Tobii.EyeX_0.10.0.1889-alpha… After the reboot the device was detected and i was prompted to calibrate. When I start the calibration the tracker detects my eyes then starts the calibration process of following the white dot; once the process is complete I get the follwoing failure message every time and then the device turns off the red lights. I am not able to get past this step.

error msg is as follows:

Detection Failed

Some tips:
– If you are wear glasses, make sure that they are clean
– Avoid direct sunlight
– its ok to blink

I have the environemnt that i had when everything was working; so I dont have a reason to doubt my environment.

I tried to revert back to the old driver Tobii.Eye.Experience_0.8.17.1196-alpha but then the eye tracker simply wont get detected at all. Has any one else faced this problem? Please help me out.

Mythreya MS