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Martin Kopecek

Hi Folks,
I have same problem as Max Malloni,

After the newest firmware )(Tobii EyeX 0.10.0 (device drivers, EyeX Engine and EyeX Interaction software):

When i boot the computer the EYEX blinks one time red for 0,5 seconds and is black again (yes,it’s in the blue USB 3.0 slot 😉
In Windows the Tobii SDK shows “Searching for eye tracker” and after a while “Cannot connect to eyetracker”
I did several reboots and tried many driver-version. Without success!

I think there is some USB driver (Intel) problem too, please Help me.

USB 3.0 :

Intel(R) Corporation
Firm. version:
Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher
Hardware ID:

maybe important this:
Intel(R) 8 Series USB Enhanced Host Controller #1 – 9C26
Fim version:

Thank you, Martin