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Hongbin Zou

Sorry, but it must be a bug, there’s a clear misunderstanding in your reply. Let me clarify.

First, by “Tobii.Interaction” I mean the nuget package I installed directly from Visual Studio. Although the name of it says “Tobii.Interaction”, It’s not the “Interaction library (beta?)” that you asked me to test. I don’t even know this beta library exists before your post. Now I checked again on Tobii’s website and github repos, so the nuget package I downloaded should be called as “CoreSDK”, and the title of this post should actually be “CoreSDK bug”, am I right now? Why you name the CoreSDK package “Tobii.Interaction” in Nuget when there is another beta library with a similar name? This can cause confusion easily.

OK, Now I will rephrase the bug in the CoreSDK package. I’ve never heard of and never used the “Interaction Library Beta”, just forget it.

The bug is obvious using your example:

Getting Started

When the keyboad switch menu I described above pops up, The window never turns magneta no matter where I look. Try it yourselves.

What’s more, Checking datapoints is not a good idea for this bug, or even totally irrelevant, because when keyboad switch menu pops up and window stops changing colors, I can still receive gaze data points correctly. I guess the keyboad switch menu acts as a fullscreen occluder in your gaze hittesting mechanism, but I don’t know.