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Lu Ros

Ok. I think your company has a communication problem. I actually did what you suggest, and because I am at the moment in Hong Kong they replied from your Shanghai office (in Chinese, which I had to translate) saying they can’t sell licenses in China.

I replied and try to explain in am not doing this for the Chinese market, in fact I am not doing it for any market at all, I am just a student that purchased a 4C tracker and wants to use it for a robotics project, in python, and then they replied: “If you just want to use 4C to control robots, then you don’t need our upgrade key and SDK. Please contact the technical person from where you bought. Our SDK is different from 4C.” – but I bought this from your website, therefore I feel like I am trapped in a space-time loop, having purchased a not so cheap peripheral with the hope to use it’s SDK for a hobby project and not being able to do it.

Can you please advice what I can do? Should I return it?