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Grant [Tobii]

Hi @dragonus, thanks for the wait and thank you for spotting the error that had been made on our webpage regarding the ET5 statistics, much appreciated!

We can confirm that the ET5 has a sampling frequency of 33HZ (as compared to the 4C 30Hz) but crucially has an image capture rate far higher at 133Hz meaning more eye images are taken within one second that previous models.

The ET5 consumer eye tracker sampling frequency remains the same at 33HZ as reported in the stream engine which you mentioned.

With regards to the evaluation kit, this is something that our customers may purchase under special license for development or integration such as OEM applications.
With this advanced license, one may acquire 60Hz output, but for the ET5 consumer-level product this is not supported.

Further, the base evaluation kit has slightly different hardware configuration so one cannot make a direct comparison between this and the ET5.

Hopefully, this answers your query, please let us know otherwise. Best Wishes.