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Glad to hear that this worked for you too!
Atleast we got this finally!
On my side tho I still will need to figure out another problem with the monitor itself.. which is way worse than this cabling issue.
Basicly said: in Rocket League on more blue-ish maps (I think) the GSYNC Module fucks up something with the coloring and brightens up dark zones / shadows with even more blue coloring making the full screen kinda distracting with all the blue-ish fucked up colorings (it’s a bit hard to explain, sorry).

I’ve read that this should be resolved by updating the gsync module, but needs a shipping to asus.. which well I don’t wanna do since the delivery was already such a mess.
I found the workaround to unplug the power (to monitor) and this way it resets back to normal.. I try to avoid those games but even got used to this so when I play for example rocket league its kinda annoying but you can still live with it.. so I’ll probly take some time and try to get this update myself somehow possible 🙁

Next monitor gets a seperate Tobii Device.. or I’ll try to convert this one out xD