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Ok, while waiting for a response here, I implemented the ugly approach of calling every child’s GetHasGaze(). Turns out that when gaze moves from one child to another child within the parent, the parent’s HasGazeChanged event is called multiple times (leaving one child, entering the other one), and on leaving the first child no one actually has the gaze. Even though the actual gaze is still within one parent, moving from one child to another child, there are moments when the parent and the children all return false on GetHasGaze().

While this is logically incorrect (because my gaze is still inside, someone must have it), I’m having a strong feeling that my whole approach is wrong. Can anyone advise? My goal is to (at the same time):
1) detect when gaze enters/leaves the parent, including the children (gaze in a child means gaze in the parent as well);
2) detect when gaze enters/leaves each child