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Hi Robert and Jenny,

Thank you for your replies. I have been using Tobii products and the other SDKs for quite a few years. My understanding was that the Tobii Gaze SDK is the sdk that is at the lowest level for controlling the devices, so I decided to port my pipeline and do my own timesync, which will work across different tobii eye-trackers.

I am merely asking for a function to obtain important data from the devices via the low-level sdk, that will allow me to develop my own time sync (however successful that may be), and I think this is a reasonable thing to be able to do with a low-level api. The Analytics SDK, it is my understanding, that it does not work with the EyeX Controller, so effectively I am stuck with a device that I have no means to sync better.

I have pondered this for a while and I can think of no technical reason that the Tobii Gaze SDK cannot have a couple of functions to set or get timestamps from the eye-tracker. For instance, a possible solution may involve setting a timestamp from the user application (and be able to read it from the eye-tracker), as well as annotate gaze data sample with two timestamps, one timestamp at the time it was sent into the processing pipeline and the exact time it exited it. In my opinion this will be better than having no such functionality.

I hope that you will at least consider adding some kind of functionality to the Gaze SDK.

thank you.