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Hi, thank you for answering. I’m still a newbie at using Unity and i’m a bit confused by that, could you elaborate a little bit on what you explained.
I tried to add that on the ‘ExtendedViewFirstPerson’ script, which is the one i’m using, but i got an error because it said the modifier virtual wasn’t valid for that item, so i added ‘{get; set;}’ to the line but i got a warning saying ‘ExtendedViewFirstPerson.CameraWithExtendedView’ hides inherited member ‘ExtendedViewBase.CameraWithExtendedView’. I also added ‘CameraWithExtendedView = GetComponentInParent<Camera>();’ to the ‘void Awake’ function, but i’m not sure if this is what i should be doing.
I also noted that the script ‘ExtendedViewBase’ has the property you mentioned, is that where i should be editing the code to alter the rotation of the player?