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Miguel Moreno


I tried many things with support, but they have no solution, so I can’t use it anymore in Elite Dangerous.

What I tried :
– latest version (1.6.4)
– older version (1.6.3)
– clean reinstall (uninstalled, deleted folders and registry entries)
– several networks (ADSL, 4G, VPN, work VPN)
– offline
– no firewall

Nothing worked.

I tried on my work PC, at work, I don’t even have a Tobii device there, but the Game Hub works and the list gets populated.

So I don’t know what is going on, it was working well, and suddenly it did not at all…

Is there a way to force the game list ? Or to make an update to use a local list ?

I’d be glad to help with a debug version as the logs do not show errors.