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Just to elaborate a little more on why we want to create a Python wrapper,

We would like to add eye tracking to an open sourced project and be able to make use of the consumer grade eye trackers for interaction purposes. We are not saving or sending or analyzing any kind of eye tracking data, and it does not make sense for us to use the professional level eye trackers.

To give an example of how we may use the eye tracking data in the project:
1. Have the cursor snap to the current gaze position
2. Perform OCR on the current gaze position

We simply want to be able to make use of the tobii SDKs within the python environment as that is what the open-source project has been developed with. The project is not officially released as an application it is merely a collection of code on github used by developers to provide additional accessibility for their computers. So anyone making use of the project would’ve had to download the code from github and set up the project themselves.