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I find this part of your answer interesting. Perhaps you can flesh this out for me. I’m disabled and using Nuance DPI 15.3 NaturallySpeaking. Are you saying that the Tobii executable is not trackable for a program like Naturally DPI 15.3? I need to be able to do keypresses by voice. In other words, none of the Tobii Gaming 4 software commands will be available in the memory buffer? Because sometimes I think NaturallySpeaking does not see the Tobii keyboard commands in the scripts I’ve made even though I’m using advanced scripting. what is the Tobii Gaming executable? Or is it a DLL?

“Hi @patrick2020 and thanks for your query. Unfortunately the Tobii software does not currently support emulated key inputs and will only work with physically pressed keyboard strokes. One possible workaround is that you can have the mouse cursor move by a specific amount (larger than the buffer specified in the Tobii settings) every 500ms and see if that works?”

Thank you, JZ