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Jordi Espada

Hi Grant [Tobii],

Thanks so much for the doc!!! I’m was able to perform a calibration as the documents describes but when I get the calibration result through tobii_calibration_point_data_receiver function I get garbage information, but it seems the first element is ok.

Maybe I doing a wrong use of the function or the calibration process.

1. For example when I capture calibration gaze information through the function tobii_calibration_collect_data_2d, is enough calling one time or it has to be more times ?

2. Another thing is, If I’ve calibrated 5 points I suppose that what tobii_calibration_point_data_receiver it returns is a pointer with a total size of
the size of tobii_calibration_point_data_t multiplied by the total of points calibrated (in my case 5) ?

3. And last thing, int the document describes,

“The circles are the actual calibration points. The data displayed in the plot is made available to client applications through the tobii_calibration_parse function which, returns contains a collection of tobii_calibration_point_data_t which in turn contains coordinates for where the calibration point was displayed and where the collected gaze points were estimated after calibration”

but according the tobii_calibration_point_data_t structure,

typedef struct tobii_calibration_point_data_t
float point_xy[ 2 ];

tobii_calibration_point_status_t left_status;
float left_mapping_xy[ 2 ];

tobii_calibration_point_status_t right_status;
float right_mapping_xy[ 2 ];
} tobii_calibration_point_data_t;

It seems that only gives one plot per calibrated point, and not gives and array of eyetracker calibrated points … but again. May be I misunderstood something.

I will thankful for your response,