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Well thank you for the reply. I was afraid of that! NaturallySpeaking will accept hex ASCII code etc. as scripting commands. I’ll definitely give it a try.
I assume this is the same issue for the new Tobii Gaming 5 and its software? How about the built-in Windows 10 eye tracking in regards to supporting emulated key inputs?

One last question if I may? What is the executable or DLL for the Tobii Gaming eye tracking application? The reason why I’m asking is when I create scripts in NaturallySpeaking it looks for the executable to attach the script to. I looked for it while creating my scripts and NaturallySpeaking didn’t seem to “see” the executable. But perhaps it is me who is not seeing or using the correct executable or DLL. Please advise…

Thank you Grant for the help. So many possibilities with Tobii Gaming!