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Robert [Tobii]

Hi Keith,

At the moment there are no games that support Eye interaction out-of-the-box, except the ones that have implemented explicit support for it. The Gamasutra link you referred to talks about a game jam where developers used the Tobii EyeX SDK to build new games based on eye-gaze interaction. I know that there are developers working with different methods to integrate it into games, either by changing mouse position, emulating button presses or hooking deeper into the game process. We have done some demos at Tobii as well, but not created any product (yet).

Thank you for your ideas regarding integration into games. In general, to make the most out of the eye tracker data when playing games, we recommend developers to combine the gaze data with some other input. For example, one developer has combined the eye tracker with an XBox controller to be able to fine-tune mouse movements and trigger mouse clicks.

As this developer community evolves, we expect to see much more integrations of this kind.