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Tom Hahn

Hi everybody, I’ll try to explain my question as good as I can.
I’m using a Samsung C49HG90 and I have a question regarding the Tobii Eye Tracker 5. The resolution is equal to 2 27″ monitors.
If I change the resolution for the game I’m playing, lets say ETS 2 to 1920×1080 so I’m only using 1 of the “2” inbuild monitors, do I still have the problems regarding the accuracy? The monitor handels the lower resolution in the way, that it puts the game I’m playing on 1920×1080 in the middle of the screen. So basically I got a 27″ monitor in the middle and nothing left and right. So if I mount the eye tracker like normal in the middle of the monitor it should work like I’m using a normal 27″ monitor?