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Hi there,
have you had a look at our FAQ already?
We have listed a few steps on how to handle USB 3.0 problems.

I did google for the Lenovo Ideapad and USB 3.0 problems and found a threat (german): https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/IdeaPad-Notebooks/Problem-mit-USB-3-0-Schnittstellen-IdeaPad-Z510-Win7-64-Bit/ta-p/1459709

However, there solution is to install the following driver: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/IdeaPad-Notebooks/Problem-mit-USB-3-0-Schnittstellen-IdeaPad-Z510-Win7-64-Bit/ta-p/1459709

Please try that and let me know if that worked out.

If that doesn’t work, it would be great if you could provide some further information.
Which USB controller is used in your laptop, you can see that in the device manager. Also what driver version is used (you can see that when double clicking the usb controller, then open the driver tab).

About the other USB 3.0 devices.
The usual problems with USB 3.0 (independent from Tobii EyeX) is that not all controllers/drivers are able to push the full speed of USB 3.0 or at least not constant. That means that the speed can go up and down. For a USB 3.0 memory stick this is not a problem as they are USB 2.0 compatible. So the only thing what will happen is that the speed is varying. However, for true USB 3.0 devices this ends up in a non working device, as they (as well as the Tobii EyeX) require 100 % USB 3.0 speed.