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Hello! It’s the first time I’m trying to develop a asp.net web aplication and at very first, I’m trying to check the user position in front of the Eye Tracker, and second, permorm the calibration with the Eye Tracking device. Nevertheless, when I type the code, I don’t know how exactly create the User Interface of the check position user and the UI of the calibration. I would like to know if these UIs are within the Tobii Pro SDK or I have to create all of them.

Besides, I’ve got a great doubt related with Eye Tracker and its SDK. Are there any problem using Eye Tracker SDK and integrate it in order to debelop a web aplicacion using asp.net?

I only use the Tobii Pro SDK with Tobii x2-30 Compact and the IDE I use is Visual Studio 2019.

Thank you so much your time.

Regards, Jesús.