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Hi again, i contacted the slaes team and they said:
“Tobii 4C, the eye tracker you are mentioning is a discontiuned Tobii Tech product. This eye tracker cannot be used fo scinetific research wich on eye movements, since saving the gaze data for later analysis is not allowed. Tobii Pro used to offer an Upgrade key, which would allow such data use. However, since discontiuned, this not offered anymore.”

They said they couldn´t help me and told me to contact the tech team. I had contacted them before and they said the same as you (contact the sales team).
In the meantime I am very frustrated about this license key and don´t know what to do. I am a student and just wanted to use this custom calibration only in the contect of a project (means about 2-3 weeks). Therefore, it is even more frustrating that it is so difficult or, according to the sales team, no longer possible to get this license key….