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Hi Grant,

Thanks again for the input.

So, this problem actually goes back to the usage of the Legacy XR system. Since the new packages (including a simple VR template from the first Unity project screen!!!) all include the new XR system, it appears they are incompatible with the Tobii showcases as is. It actually even says this in the player “Built-in XR is deprecated and will be retired in a future version of Unity. Use the new Unity XR Plugin System instead…”

I was able to circumvent this by instead of choosing a ‘VR’ project, choosing a simple ‘3D’ project. Then the ability to enable the deprecated VR support was available in 2019.4.12f1. Then, following my steps above 1-3 (you don’t even need to import SteamVR), the scene works, and even the camera/controller is aligned.

We solved it!

However, I am wondering if Tobii will update the SDK to be compatible with the new XR plugins? This is quite useful for many applications… 🙂

Thanks again,