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Hello Joao Tobii,

Yeah, have read that lowering the refresh rate is fixing it – but yeah, I didn’t buy 144hz to run 120hz due to “no bugs”

In fact, thank you for the hint – I’ve tried it & can confirm this sadly helps.
I guess next thing is to do some testing to run with 143hz or something like that – maybe that does it aswell?

And yes I haven’t tried to send it to acer support (mostly due the fact that I’ve read about them sending it back without any changes only that I dont have a monitor for days? weeks?) – so not blaming their support completly, but instead of just publishing something like a Update Application, we’re either unplugging the monitor, sending it to acer for X days, or just backwinding to 120hz..

This kinda hurts & makes me rethink my future acer products atleast.
Lessons learned.
(sorry that we/I went so far offtopic about acer themselves) 😀